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Hello. My name is Lureita Worth and I created this site to, hopefully, help you to be able to find About Mevacations that you never thought was within your budget.

I’m 55 now and it seems like my whole life has been a struggle. I won’t go into any boring details but I have always had to save and really search everywhere before I could go anywhere with my family. I always felt like there should be a better way, like maybe, one place to find what you were looking for.

I have always lived within a budget and this budget never allowed much room to squeeze a vacation in, much less a nice one. I remember one time, before the internet (yes, I’m that old), that my ex-husband and I wanted to go to the river, camping. We didn’t have a tent, so we made one out of little 2×2’s ,wingnuts (so we could assemble it when we got there), and a thick roll of plastic. We used good quilts for the floor. We pre-made it at home, so that we knew it would work and then dis-assembled it so we could take it with us.

We packed up our food in a cooler, carried our gas stove (not the nice portable ones they have today). It consisted of a propane tank like you use with a fish cooker and a two burner extension for cooking on, pots and pans, camping plates and utensils, and mugs for drinks and coffee. Of course we carried our home made tent, quilts for the floors and covers for the cool nights.

We had a small boat that we transported everything over to a nice sandbar and started setting up camp. The one thing about the weather on the river is it can be sunny one moment and blow up a storm without warning, which of course is exactly what happened as we were setting up camp. My oldest 2 children were young and very slim back then. The winds were so strong, I honestly thought it might blow them away. We grabbed them and my ex-husband and I put them under the plastic, while we held it up off them. We got soaked, our bedding got wet, our clothes were wet. We set up camp anyway, but only stayed the one night since most everything had got wet and dirty.

When the internet came alone, it became easier to research places and compare prices against each other. I have always carefully planned the best way to have the vacation I want with the amenities I want and not spend a fortune.  That is what I plan to accomplish on my site. I want to help you be able to come to one place and find what you are looking for.

I hope you will follow me and share my site with others. Check back often for updates and you should be able to take that vacation you want and still be within your budget.

Feel free to leave comments or ask questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Lureita Worth

email: lureita@bugetvacations.com

16 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Thank you, Timothy for such a great review. I really do want to help people find the best deals possible. I have always had to travel on a budget myself and I want to make it easier for others also.

  2. Hi Lureita!

    Great website-finally, someone has designed one to help people travel more economically-great tips about camping..like your books recommended on Amazon on how to travel cheaply..good idea and very useful-Love your blog on accomodations – great suggestions and options for reducing accomodation costs. Clever to install a feature to subscribe to a newsletter to build your client list.

    Good start and good luck on your site-Lots of potential-
    hope you’ll find time to visit my site and leave me some


  3. Hei Lureita,
    This website is so inspiring since I like to travel a lot. It has informative tips and promotions. I love the simple design and rich content.

  4. I’m so happy to hear that. It has always been my goal to make the best of a vacation on a tight budget, and I have never failed to enjoy it. I hope you will use some of my links when you start planning

  5. Great website Lureita …if I wasn’t thinking about taking a holiday before I looked at your site, I certainly am thinking about it now. Your website really got me in the mood.

  6. Nice site Lureita and I think it is a great concept, with your work a lot of people can get out and see the world a little cheaper. Your success would mean people would have fun…neat to be apart of that.
    Best of luck

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