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Cruise For Free Promotion

Royal Seas Cruise has a promotion in progress where you can sail for 2 nights to the Bahamas and all you pay is the dock fee of $129.00 per person.

I’m not sure how long this promotion will be available so you will need to contact them very soon. Call the Reservation Department at 800-247-4128

You will board the Grand Celebration . It is equipped with 3 pools, 2 jacuzzi’s, a kid’s club, casino, Bars, Clubs, spas, a gym and so much more. Boarding starts at noon. Departure is at 6:00 P.M. You arrive at the Bahamas at 8:00 A.M., Spend the day however you like. There are many excursions. You leave at 6:00 P.M. and arrive back at port the following morning at 7:00.

They have some other packages available which you can see on their website,

Changing Directions

In the past I have done tons of research, finding great destinations for you to travel to and ways to travel more efficiently. My plans, as of right now, is to continue doing this type of research, but I have decided to try my hand at becoming a Travel Writer and a Guest Blogger, also. I hope you will continue to follow my blog and I will keep you updated on how well this is working out.

I’ve always loved writing and now I hope to make it profitable. To get you up to speed as to where I am at with this new direction my life is headed in, I have signed up for two writing courses. One is to help me become successful at Travel Writing and the other is to teach me how to do Guest Blogging. I’m hoping the Guest Blogging may bring in enough money to help finance my traveling in the beginning.

I need to get my name out there by writing some articles and getting them published before I can use any of the free perks that come along with Travel Writing. For those that don’t know what free perks are, I will list a few:
Free or discounted lodging
Free or discounted flights
Free Theater Tickets
Free Dinners
And many, many more.

A successful Travel Writer not only get’s paid for writing articles, they also get treated like royalty, once they get established. Different locations are eager for you to see and experience all the amenities they have to offer to the public. Sometimes, you can even contact the tourism department for a particular place and they will arrange a complete travel package, so that you can really get to see the best of the complete area you are visiting. This is publicity for them and hopefully will bring more tourist to their towns.

If you are interested in traveling over-seas, the market is wide open to you. This is a way to live a life, most people only dream of.

As I embark on this adventure, I’m afraid I might be a little more tied down then most people. I am helping my son raise his two girls and unless he ever re-marries, I will have to stay close to home during school times and take the children with me during the summer time. I’ve made up my mind not to let this stop me, though. We never know what lies in the future.

I will still continue to search out ways and places to travel on a budget and I will continue to post what I uncover, but I will also be keeping you informed on how my writing is going. Who knows, you might just decide to try your hand at it, also. Stay with me and wish me well.

Are You Letting The Airlines Get The Upper Hand On You?


Today, there are so many on-line travel search engines that it can get overwhelming for the average person to know if they are getting the best fare for their flight. You can spend hours looking, searching and still not find the best fare.

Flexibility, even if you can’t be flexible, is the real key to searching for the lowest fare. If you can be flexible, even by one day, you may save hundreds of dollars. If you can’t be flexible you still need to make the airlines think you can.

Before we get to deep into how to find your flight, there’s one trick you need to know about. All booking sites record web browsing data. Some will use this information to increase prices when they know you are interested in a certain flight. Have you ever searched for a flight and get one price only to go back later and search it again only to find the price has increased? Always clear your web browser before you search again. You might just find the original price again. Now you are ready to shop.

Another tip, is don’t wait until the last minute to book your flight. Three months ahead is the best time to book and some airlines will give you an early-bird discount. Over three months really doesn’t have any dramatic advantages.

If it’s a vacation you are planning, you might want to consider going off-season. Various regions have different Off Seasons. If you can fly during these times, depending on your destination, you can usually fly cheaper. I have listed the off-seasons below:
* Australia & New Zealand – August
* Asia:January- February
* Europe: November- March
* South America: March – November
* The Caribbean: November – March

Make a list of the airlines you usually use and follow them on Twitter. Do the same for the Hotels and follow them. Some especially Jet-Blue and Virgin Atlantic are very active in promoting their hottest deals in real time. (Facebook doesn’t offer this, so its no use to add them there.) Hotels are great about posting their deals on twitter. Don’t forget that each and every time you do a search for an online fare, delete your cookies, cache and search history first.

Start your search with Kayak. It works for flexible or fixed dates on domestic and international flights. They also give you complete price, with taxes and fees, if for some reason you prefer to use another site, Skyscraper is worth looking at. It also has a flexible search tool. 52% of its customers are return users, which is a testament in itself.

Travelocity used to be the best travel search site, but today the company is not even in the running. They have a record for high-prices and poor customer service.

Some of the newer and better rated travel search sites are,, Google flights ( Google is great at pulling up every fare accurately, but the downside is you can’t book directly through google. You need to link out to anther site in order to book your flight.

Another way of getting cheaper flights is to fly into an alternate airport. Sometimes the alternate airport might even be closer to your destination. Even if you have to drive, it might be worth hundreds of dollars of savings to do so.

Now let’s talk a little more about the flexible date option, even if you can’t be flexible, Typically, how it works is you will put in a range of dates for your departure and return then you pick your original dates from the list. Some of the best travel websites to use when you are using flexible searching are :
* Kayack
* Skyscanner
* Orbit
* Hotwire – Only US flights
* Travelocity – only domestic flights

Word Of Caution: When using flexible date options with some travel searches, the taxes and fees are not added until you select your flight. Fees charged by the airport can vary dramatically.

Bottom line-Don’t make your final decision on price until your flight is selected and you receive the final total.

After you have found the fare you like, always compare it to the airline’s website, just to make sure their fare isn’t lower. One other point, when you are checking travel sites for fares, make sure you check the box to also search for alternate airports, near-by.

My last tip to help you get cheap flights is at auctions. You can save thousands of dollars, but auctions are not for the timid. If this sounds interesting, the best thing to do is first spend some time on the sites to see how they work. And always read the fine print before you bid. seems to be the best auction site, but there are others that are good also as long as you remember to read all the rules. Each one operates differently. Some of the others are,, and – used for cruises. is good for rental cars and motels.

I hope some of these tips might help save you save money the next time you fly. If you find a deal using one of these methods or you have a different way that works for you, we would definitely love to hear from you, if you wouldn’t mind sharing. If you find this article useful I would appreciate you sharing it with your friends and family.

St. Augustine, Florida – Relaxing Week-End

I just returned from a relaxing week-end in St. Augustine. Two of my friends from Church and myself had made reservations a while back at the Super 8 Motel ($79.00 per night). Our reservations were made before Hurricane Mathew had came through, so when it came time to go, we were somewhat worried how our trip would go.

st-augustineFrom the news and many people’s photos, we knew that the area we were going to had been flooded. Once we got there, we were pleasantly surprised at how much clean-up had already been done. You actually could not tell that just a couple of weeks ago, everything had been under-water.

We arrived on a Friday evening, went straight to our motel and checked in. The motel was very nice and clean. Beds were very comfortable. The only complaint we had was the smell in the rooms was not to our liking. My friend had brought along some air fresheners, which is something I had never thought about taking on a trip. Once those were put out, everything was just perfect. I know that I will add this to my list for taking on trips from now on.

After checking in, we decided to run to the grocery store and get some coffee we liked, coffee creamer and sugar. We bought the little packets of Maxwell House coffee that you can use in the single server coffee pots they put in Motel rooms, now. All we had to do, was open their little packets and use the disposable tray they are in. You can use that tray over and over. This allowed us to make our own coffee without leaving our room. We had already brought a cooler packed with lunch meat, drinks and condiments. We also had bags with snacks in them also. So, back to the room we go.

After unloading the car, we walked across to the beach to look for sharks teeth. Another new experience for myself. We stayed out there till dark and then returned to the motel. We took baths, ate and played a card game till 2:00 in the morning. A great way to end our first night at the beach.

Saturday, we all arose, got dressed and went to the light house. One of my friends had already climbed it before and my other friend wanted to do it. I had never climbed it either and was kind of dreading it. I didn’t know if I could make it, but I did and bought the shirt that says I made it as a reward. After our conquering this feat we decided to visit Old Town. This area had been flooded also, but most of it had already been repaired. We spent almost all day, walking and shopping there. We grabbed a hamburger at one of the local shops. A little expensive, but not bad tasting. Everyone knows when you eat at a place like that, prices will be a little higher then normal. It was the only meal we bought while there, so we really couldn’t complain.

On returning to the Motel, we walked to the beach again, to look for sharks teeth. One of my friends and I decided to walk out on the pier (which cost $1.00 apiece). While we were in the little store there, we found out it only cost $3.00 to fish from the pier if you brought your own fishing poles or you could even rent a pole from them. Very nice man that runs the pier shop.
Their are benches all along the pier for setting on, so we sat and talked awhile while watching all the birds, boats and people around us. Some people were surfing, some playing in the water, some fishing and some just laying out enjoying the sun. We watched a few shrimp boats, not close enough to really see how they were doing.

When we returned to the motel that night we showered, ate sandwiches and went straight to bed. We all were exhausted.

Next and last day, we awoke, dressed, packed everything up and drove over to the beach. We were fairly early, so we were able to get a pretty good parking place right by some picnic tables. We walked to the beach, again looking for shark teeth. I had one friend that had found a lot, another friend found a few. I Had found 2. You really have to develop and eye for finding them. It’s not easy. We continued this till about 1:30 and then returned to the picnic table and had a picnic before we left.

Our vacation was done on a budget that almost any body can afford. I hope you like our story and might get some ideas, even if St. Augustine is not your destination. Having snacks and other things in our cooler made our stay much more affordable.

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4 Affordable Bucket List Vacation Ideas

  • Hiking a volcano and walking on dried lava in Hawaii.  Under $100.00 (per person)

Visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to see the real thing in action.volcano You’ll get the chance to drive right up to the caldera- don’t miss the Cater Rim Drive, an 11 mild drive that passes through the various volcano landscapes from tropical rain forest to the desert like crater, itself, with scenic overlooks all along the way. You also have the opportunity to walk inside the Thurston lava Tube a no longer active part of the volcano. It allows you to walk 1/3 mile inside Kilauea where lava once flowed a few 100 years ago.

$15.00 per vehicle enters the park, $8.00 per individual if you enter by foot or bicycle and $10.00 per motorcycle. Free camping and hiking opportunities are also available, as are park ranger walking tours.

About an hours drive outside the park and along highway 130 is the volcanoentrance to Kalapana, a town that was completely covered in lava in 1990. Miraculously no one was hurt and the town got together and hauled their Church to a nearby town to escape the wrath of Hawaiian Volcano Goddess, Pele- you can still visit the Star of the Sea Painted Church today. Park your car where the road ends, (It’s literally blocked by a wall of lava), grab a pair of sturdy shoes, and go for a hike on the dried lava field. The hike can take between 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how fast you go. Either way, be careful as dried lava can be very sharp if you fall on it. The trail ends at a beautiful black sand beach, but you can’t swim in it.   Parking and Hiking are free, though.

  • Zorbing in New Zealand

What is Zorbing, you might ask? Well, it’s the art of rolling and zorbbouncing down a hill while inside a giant, hamster wheel like plastic ball contraption. An adrenaline junkie’s dream come true. Zorbing has actually been popular since 1997 and is definitely  one of those “only in New Zealand” type of experiences.

You have two options: Zydo, a sort of water ride version of the Zorb, and Zorbit, the dry version. Zorb Rotorua offers four track options and eight ride variations. Some strap in just one person, while others strap in up to three for a crazy, head-over-heels, trip down the half mile track.

Prices for one Zorb ride (either wet or dry) are $39.00 per person, pay $58.00 for 2 to ride in the same globe, and $78.00 for three people in same globe.



  • Zip lining over alligators in St. Augustine, Fla

At the St. Augustine Alligator Farm’s Crocodile Crossing just crociddleoutside the town of St. Augustine, there’s nothing quite like zip lining and completing an aeriel  obstacle course  over a park full of crocodiles, alligators, and hundreds of other reptiles.

Not to worry, though. Everything is totally safe. You are trained by experts and even get to do a practice zip line before you go out on your great adventure.  You can choose from the 45 minute Sepik River Course which takes you 20 ft up and gives you three zip lines to go through or you can choose the 90 minute longer, higher Nile River Course, and aerial obstacle course 60 ft above the park and takes you through a total of 9 zip lines. Both courses are self led, but there are trainers beneath you to come to the rescue, should you get stuck or require assistance.

The 45 minute course cost $35.00 per person while the 90 minute course cost $65.00 per person. What a great thriller for your bucket list, don’t you think? Also if you purchase Zip Nile tickets, you get free admission to the zoo. If you purchase the Zip Sepil ticket, you get half price off admission.  Admission cost are Adults: $22.95, children (ages 3-11)- $11.95, Guest in wheelchairs (adults)-$11.47, Guest in wheelchairs (children)-$5.97. They also offer discounted rates for AAA, Military and Seniors of 10%.


Driving among the buffalo in Cluster Park

Reaching Cluster Park is actually half the fun. You drive along plenty of twisting roads, gorgeous views and incredible wildlife encounters. It’s one of the few places you can get stuck in traffic due to herds of buffaloes deciding to cross the road.  Always keep your cameras handy.

Once you’re inside the park, opt to spend the night camping in the lodgeSouth Dakota wilderness or visit one of the Cluster Park Resorts. The Game State Lodge, a beautiful historic property that once served as the “Summer White House” for President Coolidge in 1927 and was later visited by President Eisenhower in 1953. The best part is it’s the launching point for the Buffalo Safari Jeep Tours.  This is a spectacular way to get up close and personal with the park’s diverse wildlife.  You also have the option of a chuck wagon cookout.







It cost $4.00 admission to get inside the park, or $15.00 per vehicle for 7 days. Children age 11 and under get in free. Rooms at The Game State Lodge start at $115.00 per night. Adults pay $82.00 each, children age 12 and under pay $62.00 for the Safari Tour plus Chuck Wagon cookout.  Prices for just The Safari Jeep Tour are $43.00 for adults and $36.00 for kids 12 and under. Just The Chuck Wagon cookout cost $47.00 for adults and $37.00 for kids 12 and under.


It’s amazing at the different things you can find to do if you really look for them. Depending on how far away you live and the cost of transportation to get there, I thought these were some amazing things to add to your own “bucket list”

I would love for some of you to share your ideas for my other readers to add to their list if it sounds like something they would enjoy doing.





Summer Tips On Flying

What Day Of The Week Is Best To Fly On?

In this article we are going to talk about summer flying and what’s the best days to do so. During the summer months, vacation planning often includes a Sunday return to ensure the most time off (Saturdays and Sundays are the traditional weekend days for most work schedules). You’d better believe that the airlines know this and generally increase the cost of flights on those days. Not to mention, many business travelers travel on Sunday to reach their destination by Monday morning. For your summer trip, consider flying back on Saturday instead and you’ll save money.

graph for travelers

This graph was borrowed from  According to them a much more economical plan is to fly midweek. On average, summer flight data indicates that flying on a Wednesday is $74 cheaper than flying on a Sunday. That may not seem significant until you start examining the typical family vacation. A family of four will save nearly $300 on average for their summer vacation flights just by traveling on a Tuesday or Wednesday. That’s the cost of a couple hotel rooms, or a fancy dinner for four! Seems to be a no-brainer when you can swing a midweek departure and return. The money you save might be the difference between taking a vacation this summer and thinking you can’t afford it!

When Should I Buy My Tickets?

Flying during the Summer months and on Holidays requires a little more strategy then the other times of the year. More people are flying and the airlines also know this. The general pattern is that from the time a flight opens for sale, fares will drop slowly but steadily until reaching a low point somewhere between 27 days and 114 days out. That three month window, which is essentially between one and four months in advance, is what is called the “prime booking window”. Much more often than not, the best fare for a domestic trip will be offered at some point during that window.

If you don’t book within this window, it is generally better to book too early than too late. Those booking more than 114 days out paid an average of $32 more for their flight in 2014; those booking inside 27 days paid an average of $47 more (and a lot more than that if within 14 days).

For Summer and Holiday travel the rules are different. For summer travel last year, the best time to book was 76 days in advance on average – almost a month earlier than the rest of the year. And the danger in booking too early was much less pronounced. Fares booked 320 days in advance were, on average, only $8 more than their low point. More than ever before, air travel has become a seller’s market, especially in the peak seasons, and the airlines don’t have to be as aggressive as they used to in order to fill all their seats. This means that the deals you see early on for peak season flights are increasingly likely to be among the best deals that will be offered.

Additional Tips on Finding The Best AirFares

Here is some general advice on how to go about your airfare search:

– Since it’s impossible to know exactly the best day to buy an airline ticket, the best strategy is to check fares early and often. For travel during the summer or holidays, start your research as soon as you can. For other travel dates, try to check frequently in the one to four month lead-up to your travel dates. By checking often enough, you are likely to see both the ups and the downs as fares fluctuate– and you’ll be able to tell the difference and recognize a good deal.

– Aim for a good deal, not the best deal. With 70 different fare changes on average for each trip, you have to get very lucky to book your flight at their absolute rock bottom. So don’t get too caught up in trying to squeeze a few extra dollars off your ticket price. When you see a good deal, grab it since any good fare is much more likely to go up than down.

– Consider booking much earlier than the 47 days in advance if: (1) you are traveling for a holiday; (2) you are traveling during the summer; (3) you are traveling with a family or large party (three or more travelers); (4) or, you are particular about your airline, number of stops, travel times, or seat assignments and you see only a few flights offered that you’d be happy with.

– Avoid booking too early (before four months) if all of these are true: (1) you are not traveling during the summer or for a holiday; (2) you are traveling by yourself; (3) and, you’re flexible on the airline and flight times.

The Timing Just Got Easier With CheapAir’s Price Drop, Payback

Airlines are constantly raising and lowering air fares, a regular cause of confusion and frustration. For example, it’s usually good practice to buy early, but there are times when doing so will come back to haunt you when the fare actually drops after your purchase. So, how are you really supposed to know when to buy?

Price Dropping

At they want their customers to know they are getting the absolute best fare they possibly can. They can’t stop airlines from constantly changing their fares in order to maximize “yield,” but they can help you to breathe a little easier with their recently launched free Price Drop Payback program, now in effect for the remainder of the year.

It’s as simple as this: if the price for the same itinerary goes down any time before your trip, they’ll pay you back the difference in the form of a travel voucher for up to $100 per ticket! They are proud to be the only U.S. travel site who offers this unique buyer protection and they hope this program will arm you with buying confidence.

To take advantage of Price Drop Payback, any time after your purchase go to the My Trips section of their web site to retrieve your itinerary. From there, with one click you can check to see if your fare has gone down. If it has, they’ll issue you a travel credit immediately. You can check your fare every week, every day, or as often as you want. It’s fast and easy and free.

Cheap Air is almost like your own personal travel agent as they can not only help you find cheap flights, they can also help you find cheap motels, rental cars, and even cruises. Why not check out their prices for your next flight.

Great Value Vacations

Have you been dreaming about traveling Internationally?

At Great Value Vacations, their mission is to be the pre-packaged great value4vacation solution provider from the US to the most desirable vacation destinations in the world.

They offer premium, pre-built vacation packages to the top destinations in the world. Their vacations feature itineraries designed by travel experts and superior accommodations which have been hand-picked and vetted for quality.

What’s more, They offer these vacations packages at Great Value prices that are at or better than if you were to purchase the components separately.  Their state-of-the-art technology provides their customers with an easy to use booking system that allows them to book complicated vacations with just a few clicks.

Expert Advice 

Their team of product experts are your “feet on the street” creating great value1vacation itineraries they would send their family on (and they have VERY high standards!) They do the heavy lifting for you by researching the best destinations, hand selecting the most desirable accommodations, designing a perfect vacation itinerary and recommending things to do and see along the way.

Customer Support

They are there for you at every step – from your first call or visit to their website right up until your flight home. Their vacation specialists and support staff are available to answer questions, provide advice or assist you at any point during the vacation planning process. Plus They offer Trip Protection Plans which allows you to cancel your trip for any reason up to 72 hours prior to travel and receive a full refund and have access to 24-hr Emergency Assistance while you travel.


Check them out now for some of their great package deals. Click the link below and find your dream destination at a Great Value price.

Great Value Vacations

Traveling For Special Events

Do you travel for special events; Sporting, Concert or Theater?

Would you like to find tickets to these special events at a discounted price?

VenueKings  features National ticket sales for  such events as:

  •  Lady Gaga,
  • Beyoncé,
  • Justin Timberlake,
  • Jay-Z,
  • Taylor Swift,

And sporting event tickets for:

  • MLB,
  • NFL,
  • NCAA,
  • NBA,
  • NHL
  • more!

All you have to do is click on the link below and then type in what event you are wanting tickets for. Check out their prices and if interested, go ahead and purchase. provides Sporting, Concert & Theater Tickets throughout North America. Find Tickets Now!


After you have purchased your tickets be sure to click on one of my other links in previous posts to set up your vacation accommodations to save even more money.

So, get started now, click on the VenueKings box, find your event, then scroll to previous posts and click on the links for the kind of vacation you want and celebrate on the money you saved on a wonderful vacation.

Accommodations Available To Save You Money

It’s been a little while since I talked about the different accommodations available to save you money when you go on vacation.  I want to make sure my new readers get the chance to know about them also. I am just going to briefly touch on each one.


Vacation rental marketplace with more than 300,000 rentals world-wide.  They offer great value along with space, privacy and all the amenities of home. They offer Romantic Retreats to fun family getaways.

Cruise Direct

If a cruise is in your vacation plans, cruise direct offers easy booking process, best price guarantee, flexible payment plans, low price assurance, no booking fees, e-tickets, freebies, and discounts.

Home Exchange

t fast growing market. It’s a very economical way of travel because all you have to pay for is the expenses to get there. This affords you the opportunity to travel to places you never though you would see. If you don’t want to travel to far off, you can also vacation to places within driving distance. Home Exchange has places near and far. “I’ll stay in your house while you stay in mine.”

Park, Sleep and Fly

Let’s don’t forget this one. Often less then the cost of parking alone, these packages offer convenient parking and hotel accommodations options when travelers leave or return from their vacation. You can sleep brfore you fly or after you fly.


Many people are looking for someone to stay at their home while they are away. Sometimes you may have to look after their pet or pets, but there is no cost for your staying in their home. You can find people all over the world looking for House-Sitters.  This is one of the most economical ways to travel, and be able to go to places you have dreamed to go and though you never could.


Roomorama offers you 200,000short term home rentals world-wide. They have all different types of rooms available from a bedroom to sleep in , homes, hotels and hostels..

Roomorama Corporation

Home Away

They are the world’s leading on-line market place for the vacation rental industry with sites of over 1 million vacation rentals in 190 countries.  You will spend less but get more room than a hotel. More space, more privacy, a kitchen, some are pet-friendly and they make it easier for families to stay together.