Best Budget Friendly Family Vacations

“Different Strokes for Different Folks”. When we speak of budget vacations for a family, each family has their own idea of what a budget is and each family has their on interest. What I would like to do on this page is keep my list of vacations  to places where the accommodations are under $200.00 per night, that are kid friendly. This will be an ongoing list. As I find more (and I’m always looking), I will add to my list. Some of these deals will be only good for certain dates.

We all know that prices do change, so if you are browsing these sites and for any reason, find that the prices I list have changed, please contact me with what you have found. I will remove or update the price, depending if it still meets the criteria. Thank you in advance.

South Carolina

South Carolina is one of the states that has a lot of History which creates a lot of tourism. I ran across this deal that you might want to take advantage of.

The Best Western Sweetgrass Inn – From $179.00 per night – Dec 04, 2014 – March 04,          2015

aquarium Comfortable accommodations at BEST WESTERN  Sweetgrass Inn

Four (4) tickets to the South Carolina Aquarium (two  adult and two kids)

$30 gift certificate to Mellow Mushroom West Ashley

Complimentary continental breakfast

Free Parking


Best All-Inclusive Caribbean Family Resorts For 2015

Runaway Bay– They say that Jamica’s Runaway Bay got it’s name from slaves who ran there to escape the local plantations on their way to freedom in Cuba. There are several hotels located on Runaway Bay. I have listed the best ones, that welcome children, have the best reviews, and are priced between $90.00-$175.00 per night. They did not specify that certain dates applied to the prices so I haven’t listed any date.


NMAlbuquerque is full of fun, affordable activities. If you visit in  August, try to catch the Santa Fe Indian Market. More than  170,000 gather each year to learn about and buy Native  American Arts and Crafts. The nicest hotels are in Albuquerque and are much less expensive then their counterparts in other cities.


Hotel Parq Central – less then $150.00 in August

El Paradero Inn– $155.00 up


7 thoughts on “Best Budget Friendly Family Vacations”

  1. That’s great Neil. I enjoy hearing from other people who have actually got a deal and still had fun on vacation. Some people have the tendency to think it’s going to take an arm and a leg to go any where, so they never do. But like your vacation in Jamaica, if you do your homework it’s possible to visit any where in the world. Even timing can be important. Thank you again, Neil for sharing.

  2. Hey, Lureita

    I’ve visited Jamaica and it’s such an amazing country with chilled out and friendly people 🙂 It was an all inclusive holiday at only £800 each for 2 weeks, so it was such a great bargain, and got to swim with Dolphins too!

    Thanks for your article on budget vacations and found it an interesting read. Neil

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