Budget Vacations For Couples

Click. Compare. Save. All the best deals in one place.

There is no shame in being budget conscious. Love should not suffer because of financial circumstances. Some companies offer packages that combine hotel, food and attraction cost at discounted rates.
You can use the site above to compare different flights and motels or just motels.

Depending on where you want to go would make a difference in when the best time for the best rate is. You will naturally get your best rates during off season.

10 thoughts on “Budget Vacations For Couples”

  1. thanks, Patrick, and no you aren’t nitpicking. I have noticed that also and am in the process of trying to figure out how to fix that. I do hope you will visit again and maybe I will have that corrected.

  2. Well done. I use the same theme for my sites, so I commend your choice!
    I will be bookmarking your site. My wife and I are planning a trip soon and I will have to visit some of the sites you recommend.
    I found one thing that was distracting was the banner ads obscuring the text…maybe you could clean that up for a more enjoyable experience.
    Just nitpicking though…great job.

  3. Lots of useful info. I’ve been looking for something like this to plan a vacation with my boyfriend. Will definitely use it. Thanks for sharing Lureita (:

  4. Great site with lots of good information! Thanks for the read, I’ll be back when I start planning my budget vacation!


  5. Great information here. I never knew some companies offered the services of hotel and feeding cost at such great discount prices. I just got enlightened on that.Thanks for sharing this info

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