Changing Directions

In the past I have done tons of research, finding great destinations for you to travel to and ways to travel more efficiently. My plans, as of right now, is to continue doing this type of research, but I have decided to try my hand at becoming a Travel Writer and a Guest Blogger, also. I hope you will continue to follow my blog and I will keep you updated on how well this is working out.

I’ve always loved writing and now I hope to make it profitable. To get you up to speed as to where I am at with this new direction my life is headed in, I have signed up for two writing courses. One is to help me become successful at Travel Writing and the other is to teach me how to do Guest Blogging. I’m hoping the Guest Blogging may bring in enough money to help finance my traveling in the beginning.

I need to get my name out there by writing some articles and getting them published before I can use any of the free perks that come along with Travel Writing. For those that don’t know what free perks are, I will list a few:
Free or discounted lodging
Free or discounted flights
Free Theater Tickets
Free Dinners
And many, many more.

A successful Travel Writer not only get’s paid for writing articles, they also get treated like royalty, once they get established. Different locations are eager for you to see and experience all the amenities they have to offer to the public. Sometimes, you can even contact the tourism department for a particular place and they will arrange a complete travel package, so that you can really get to see the best of the complete area you are visiting. This is publicity for them and hopefully will bring more tourist to their towns.

If you are interested in traveling over-seas, the market is wide open to you. This is a way to live a life, most people only dream of.

As I embark on this adventure, I’m afraid I might be a little more tied down then most people. I am helping my son raise his two girls and unless he ever re-marries, I will have to stay close to home during school times and take the children with me during the summer time. I’ve made up my mind not to let this stop me, though. We never know what lies in the future.

I will still continue to search out ways and places to travel on a budget and I will continue to post what I uncover, but I will also be keeping you informed on how my writing is going. Who knows, you might just decide to try your hand at it, also. Stay with me and wish me well.

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