Donate Your Car, Get Free Vacation

sell your carI was out just out surfing the web and I came across this page, I’m not going to tell you I recommend it, because I have never heard of them. It looks like it might be something worth checking in to if you have an older car,truck, boat, rv, or motorcycle (running or not) that you would like to get rid of.

They are offering you a 3 day, 2 night stay at one of 13 destinations with 47 different locations to choose from in exchange for your trade.  It appears they have several places in Florida, Virginia,  Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, California, Hawaii and Mexico.

They donate these cars to help out the less fortunate in poorer countries and they donate books to prisons among many other types of outreach programs. The books they donate to inmates are actually relevant to their situations and include different types of books such as motivational books. These books are stored in the prison library and are available, free, to all inmates. Your donations help make all this possible.

They offer fast, nationwide towing free, print you an instant donation receipt then you sign over the title and give the keys to the driver. You get to save on your taxes plus get a free vacation.

They also take many other items for donation and you  get to choose where your donation goes. If I had an old vehicle setting around, I would give them a call and at least check it out. Go to their website at or call them toll-free at 1-800-227-2643


5 thoughts on “Donate Your Car, Get Free Vacation”

  1. What a cool idea. It’s a win-win. Donate an old car and get a dream vacation. My car isn’t quite there yet…but once it is, I will surely consider this as an alternative to trading it in.

  2. sounds like a wonderful organization. I’m gonna check into them, because I have a car on its last leg. Thanks for the good info.

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