Great Destinations For The Month Of April

For this article, I thought I would write something a little different and point out some great destinations for the month of April. What I consider a great destination is a place with the perfect weather combined with lower hotel or other accommodation prices. I’ve listed a few of the more popular places below.

Mexico City, Mexico

April is an ideal month to visit Mexico City. It has an average high of 84 degrees F and an average low of Mexico City51 degrees F. It is one of two warm and dry months before the summer rainy season. Flights are quite cheap during this time, also.

For those who might not can afford to go to Europe, but are interested in a cultural or nightlife holiday in a city should really enjoy this town. It’s tourist heart is extremely safe and much of it is upscale, but reasonably priced. You can find hotels starting as low as $43.00 per night.

Panama City, Panama

Panama City

Those looking for a Central American adventure but doesn’t want to pay the higher prices of Costa Rica should think about Panama. The avg high Temp. is 89 degrees F and average low is 78. It’ll be hot in April, even at night, but those near the beaches should be fine, and hotel prices are off their high-season peaks as well. You can find hotels starting at $67 per night.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de JanieroThe high season for hotels is over and yet the weather this month is even nicer than during the summer as there is less rain and temperatures are less scorching. April’s average high is 86 degrees F and avg low is 70.

Being (just barely) in the tropics, it’s beach weather is pretty much all year round, so better to go when it’s not as hot and the city isn’t so full of other tourist. Hotels start around $63.00 during this month.

Costa Rica

Costa RicaWith plenty of air, hotel, and vacation package deals and brand new flights from Southwest Airlines, Costa Rica’s an affordable paradise just waiting to be discovered. Southweast is offering fares up to 40% lower than competing airlines on their routes to Costa Rica. Costa Rica is also included in Southwest beach hotel’s sale, with nightly rates starting at $58.00 per night.

Costa Rica has long been a popular tourist destination. There’s much to do in this Central American hot spot. For the thrill-seeker, visiting Arenal (Volcano, currently in a resting phase) is a must see. This volcano is more than 5,000 ft high. the surrounding 30,000-acre national park offers countless adventure activities including Class IV whitewater rafting, water fall rappelling, hiking, canopy touring, and horseback riding. Or, spelunk the nearby Volcano Caves for a peek at bats, blind fish, and other subterranean creatures.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

The Outer Banks serve as welcome mats to the Atlantic and all her treasures. Close to 400 species of Outer Banksbirds, from native Carolina wrens to wintering bald eagles, can be found here, along with otters and sea turtle colonies. Add five lighthouses and you have yourself a sea worthy destination that even a pirate like Blackbeard (a former resident) could call home. Landlubbers will want to visit Kitty Hawk, the site where Orville and Wilbur Wright learned how to fly, and the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island.

For clean, affordable lodging close to the beach, you can do no better than the Driftwood Motel on Cedar Island, where rooms start at $65.00.


There’s simply no beating the perfect combination of pleasant weather and low prices for great travel deals in the month of April. Whether you’re looking to go to the mountains or head to the beaches, you can do it all for less. I have listed only a few suggestions of great destinations for the month of April. There are many, many more places just waiting for you to discover. Use some of the links in some of my previous post to help you find the perfect adventure for you and/or your family.

26 thoughts on “Great Destinations For The Month Of April”

  1. Hi Marilyn,

    Australia is one of the places on my bucket list. I love traveling. I hope that one day you can come to some of these places. You would have the time of your life.

  2. I really love the look of so many of these places it would be hard to choose just one! They are a bit out of the way for me at the moment (Australia) but one day…

  3. I agree Neil, I want to also go to Costa Rica. You should look at some of my other articles, before you plan your next vacation. I do have some links that will save you a lot of money.

  4. I have only just recently got back from “Route 66” in March and I’m about ready for another holiday! Well, we only live once afterall 🙂

    You have listed some amazing places on your article, and Costa Rica is definitely the one at the top of my list at the moment. I will go there one day when I have the funds available.

    Thanks. Neil

  5. Hi Lureita,

    Is it April already? I personally never been to any of the places that you mentioned, but from your description, I really like Panama for the beaches.

    I am going to Bangkok next month. A bit far, but the tropics is going to be great I think.

  6. Ian, that is also one of the places I plan to visit very soon and I am glad you stopped by my site and hope to see you again, soon.

  7. What a great selection of places to stay in April. I sometimes prefer visiting places off season when it is not quite as busy or quite as hot! These really are great destinations for the month of april.

  8. You’ve provided me with a lot of great destinations for the month of April. Having been to Kittyhawk in North Carolina I can second your positive comments, it’s a great place to visit. I am seriously considering Costa Rica next.

  9. I wish I had found your website last week. We just took a mini vacation and some of the destinations on this page would have been equivalent to what we paid for a pretty local trip. At least I know now, I will definitely be stopping back by in a month or so to get some summer vacation idea’s.

  10. Thank you Martine. I’m just hoping I can show people way to save money on traveling. I know I like saving as much as I can when I travel.

  11. HI Jeremy, I will look and see if I have the name of it. Have you made your travel plans yet, if not I will see what specials I might have for that area. I also need to know how you plan to travel to there in order to help you out.

  12. Hey Lureita!
    Thanks for all these great ideas. We often take our vacation in April to try to get a break from the cold and rain.
    I’m thinking Costa Rica this year. Do you happen to know the name of the resort that you have pictured in the article? It looks awesome!
    Thanks again for the ideas. ~Jeremy

  13. I’m a person that likes to travel a lot in my hollidays, and I can’t wait for the suggestions, that you will have for Aout.

  14. My wife and I have a condo near the Crystal Coast of North Carolina and we try to get up to the OBX as often as possible.

    I could not recommend it enough!

    Great article!

  15. Do you base your findings also on air fare? I’m in the middle of the country so it’s hard to justify flying anywhere unless it’s a big investment.

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