How Far Away Is Your Airport?

How far away is your airport? Do you have to get up extremely early in order to get to the airport you fly out of or do you have to rent a room the night before in order to be on time? Would you fly out of a different airport that is farther away, for a better rate, if it wasn’t for the fact that you would have to drive there and stay overnight in order to be on time?

If any of these questions are part of the problems you face when flying, I may just have an answer that will help you save money and solve any of these problems for you. I have found some packages called Park, Sleep and Fly or just Park and Fly. Often less then the cost of parking alone, these packages offer convenient parking and hotel accommodation options when travelers leave or return from their vacation. You can sleep before you travel or sleep after you fly, the choice is all yours.

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12 thoughts on “How Far Away Is Your Airport?”

  1. Thank you. I thought it was pretty interesting also. Some of these places will also pay you for some things if you want to make a little extra money while traveling.

  2. Just click on my link and you can easily and quickly check for the airport in question. It is available at all major airports and some smaller.

  3. yes, it was taken, but maybe I should have tried a little harder for a better name…lol. Maybe the content will replace my negligence in picking a better name.

  4. No, it is all over the world and even in our country. Click on the link in my article that says house sitters and it will take you to one of the sites, but there are several more.

  5. Hello, I don’t travel to much, but when I do we usually park and fly, really enjoyed your post. Noticed wendy made a mention on your domain, I don’t think you can change that, but really it adds character to your site, Plus I am sure that budgetvactions was already taken so I wouldn’t worry about it. Keep up the great work. 🙂

  6. That’s an interesting concept Park, Sleep and Fly. I don’t know if that’s available everywhere. It would be a nice way to travel if it was and you have the time. thanks

  7. Your site is lovely. I particularly enjoyed the farm stay in the UK as I am interested in finding good places to visit and love staying on farms. Wendy.

  8. Hiya Rita

    Not sure if you meant to say budget (you have spelt it buget) on your website address. Not sure how you can change it if needed. If you do need to change it, maybe it is a question for the community. I would be interested in seeing if this is possible. All the best in your new venture Rita.

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