Budget and Stick To It


Vacations are well deserved treats and money shouldn’t be a cloud over these precious times away. You shouldn’t be counting pennies while trying to have fun. I have a couple of tips to offer that may help prevent this from happening.

  • Start planning early with a budget in mine – When planning your trip, balance your total cost based on:
    1. Where you’re going
    2. How you plan to get there
    3. What you’ll do once you get there
  • Create a daily cash allowance -After you decide on what the cost of transportation and hotel will cost,  create an expected daily allowance for food, drink, activities and souvenirs/ shopping, then inflate it by 10 to 15 percent to allow for emergencies or unforseen expenses.
  • Practice the “Cash Diet” – Place each days allowance in separate envelopes – Stash the envelopes in the Hotel Safe. Each Day, use only what’s in one envelope.

The so called “Cash Diet” is not anything new. A lot of people have started applying it to their every day lives to help them get out of debt.

My site is dedicated to helping you to vacation on a budget, but if you learn to control your credit and possibly get out of debt you may be fortunate enough to be able to set more money aside for vacations. If you are interested in learning more about the “Cash Diet”, I would encourage you to look it up and read more about it.


You can afford to go on that trip, after all.