Who Books Your Travel Arrangements?

Girlfriend Trip? Reunions? Families Get together? Guy’s Golf Trip? Business Trip? Whatever the occasion, who is put in charge of making all the arrangements for the group, when each person or family is from different households. Wouldn’t it be nice if each person could look at the same screen at the same time and share in the decision, taking the pressure off of just one person?

Introducing Share Trips

Share Trips is a screen sharing website where you and your travel companions interact and view search results simultaneously and in real time.

Share Trips works like other online travel websites, but with unique features to make it easier for you to plan and book a trip with multiple travel companions. With Share Trips, you can: Screen share your webpage in real time with your travel companions. Your travel companions will view the same page you are viewing. Interact with the same webpage as your travel companions. Anyone viewing your page can start a new search, select a search result and navigate through the Share Trips website without having to transfer control of the webpage. Instant Message (IM) and Video Conference with your travel companions right from the Share Trips webpage.

About Share Trips

ShareTrips was started by folks who always got stuck booking trips for friends and family. Picking the right hotel for a group of people or your family can be nerve-wracking. Traditional online travel websites only allow one person to view a webpage and select a hotel, even if multiple people are traveling. With ShareTrips, our screen sharing technology allows all travelers in your party to interact with a shared web page and provide input to simplify the booking process for everyone.


If you are the one who always get stuck making everyones travel arrangements or if you are the one who wishes you could have a better voice in making the groups travel arrangements, the why not try using Share Trips for this years get-together. Click the link below and not only share all the arrangements together but get a discount on your bookings.

Get Up to 5%* Cash Back on your completed hotel stay with Share & Save on ShareTrips.com

4 thoughts on “Who Books Your Travel Arrangements?”

  1. Thank you Melinda, I hope you will visit again and maybe find some things that you can use to help you save on your next vacation.

  2. sometime, booking our travel arrangements can be a stressful task.
    Great to know that Share Trips has view search results simultaneously and in real time with our travel companions.

    Very awesome feature!
    Thanks for sharing it here 🙂


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